The year is well underway and worried about doing my studies in vain and for nothing I can’t help but have thoughts of hopelessness which fail to elude me as the question of where I will be living and what university I’ll be studying at from either September or October remains unanswered because of a long waiting period. I am unsure if it is even possible for me to study my chosen subject at degree level as I am currently studying topics at college not entirely related. Awaiting responses from my chosen universities, one university; Birkbeck, University of London has reassured me however by giving me an unconditional offer. Meaning I do not need to fulfil any conditions to secure my place, ultimately leaving me stress free for the rest of my current course at college. This is great news but even the best news I shrugged off being unfamiliar to it. I am still waiting however, for other responses from my applied universities, I will know soon enough and can begin to plan and make a decision that will effect the next three to four years of my life, in a new city with new opportunities. This tweet jacket is great combined with other clothing of a similar colour as I have paired with here to compliment the whole look.

Jacket by Next.
Denim Shirt by Next.
Jeans by Topman.
Belt by Topman.
Brogues by Next.

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