Notes from the past

I can not help but be fond of the past. I will be moving to London this Autumn and I do look forward to the future but I am nostalgic of the past. The greatest literature, films and music are old, your favourite new music album or book quickly ages and becomes the past, time moves so fast. As I look back and romanticise about the past or even about the old country where my parents are from, everyone appears so smart and well dressed, as if it were merely their casual wear, today this is lost in some ways as we have more choice than ever in what to wear. The staple pressed trousers and crisp shirt replaced with the t-shirt and jeans. I love a good pair of jeans but its interesting how things do change. As I look forward to the future I will ever so often look back at the great things of the past, the things I love so much and inspire me.

Hat by Christys’ Hats London.
Checkered Suit Jacket and Trousers by Next.
Striped Shirt by Next.
Shoes by Next.
Collar Jewellery by Topman.
Belt by Topman.
Clutch Bag by Zara Man.

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12 thoughts on “Notes from the past

  1. Oh, wow! You look like a true gentleman. To my mind, the classics is never too old-fashioned or boring. I’m really impressed by this attire and I’d love to see more young men dressed so nicely:)
    Lovely snapshots as well:)

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